The Majestic North East...

...the journey that promises to be a new beginning

Allow Mother Nature to enchant you with her charisma & majesty
Discover yet another unique flavour of India
Pamper yourself with rich experiences
Carry back beautiful memories that will stay afresh forever...
Through travel we allow you to discover yourselves...

Who We Are?

A passion for travel, love & a deep natural connection with the mountains of the North East of India, and an inherent desire to create beautiful experiences for people who travel, gave birth to Suvidhaa Aapki in August 2011. Based in Siliguri, foothills of Darjeeling, we have successfully organised trips, excursions, holidays & honeymoon packages for a wide variety of travelers & tourists in these years, consistently trying to provide enhanced quality of services thus adding a wow factor to customer experiences. We create an atmosphere that's caring, warm, personalized, and yet totally professional.

Who are we

What do we do?

"Creating Experiences Through Travel": Travel is no longer just about flights, hotels, and food. But it is an opportunity to experience every aspect of life fully in ways never imagined before and bring back a gift of beautiful memories. At Suvidhaa Aapki, we are committed to making every trip a transformational experience for guests by providing high-quality services and ensuring the highest level of comfort.

What do we do

How Does It Work?

1. World-Class Experiential Travel: To create a world-class experiential travel environment for people wanting to explore the mountains of the North East by providing enhanced, high-quality services.

2. Client-centric approach - Total comfort of guests: To customise our services to meet client needs in the best possible way thus ensuring the comfort of our guests in every possible manner.

3. 'Wow' factor to guest experiences: To focus on value addition in routine services by building newness & creativity in everything we do, thus adding a wow factor to our guest experiences.

4. Seamless processes: To consistently refine processes and make them seamless for our team and guests.

Our Core Values

We believe in a friendly approach yet have a people-first attitude when it comes to dealing with our own team members. We live and work out of the core values of


Find out how traveling can be an opportunity for self-discovery. The more varied your experiences during the journey, the deeper you go into finding yourselves. Allow us to help you discover yourself.


At Suvidhaa Aapki, we try to offer a varied & complete spectrum of experiences to suit the tastes of every type of traveler. Whether you are a tourist, backpack traveler, or adventure freak, we have something just right for you.


Even the most experienced travelers need a guiding star. Over time, we have explored for & acquired an in-depth understanding of travel in North East India & offer valuable input & arrangements to ensure your comfort & safety.

Hemant Kumar Agarwa

Mr. Hemant Kumar Agarwal

CEO, Suvidhaa Aapki

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